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Welcome To Letters For Children And More

Tooth Fairy and Toothy

Welcome to Tooth Fairy Land

Hello from the Tooth Fairy and her friend Toothy.

You can get a letter from the Tooth Fairy or a fun kit.

Send us a photo of you and your lost tooth and we will post it.

It's so exciting when you get that first wiggle. Don't worry mom or dad can help you put your tooth under your pillow for the Tooth Fairy. She will leave something special for you to remember your first lost tooth.

Oh What  A Big Smile From Kenley - M.N.

Kenley - MN

 Sharing her excitement when she received her personalized kit from the Tooth Fairy.

Kenley Sent Us This Photo Showing her Tooth Fairy Kit And Lost Tooth Smile.

She was so happy excited and proud!

What a special memory.